Criminal Defense in Saint Joseph Michigan

Attorney Daniel W. Grow of Grow Defense practices in all courts in West Michigan. Because Mr. Grow believes that your freedom comes first, he handles each stage of your representation  personally. Never more than a phone call away, he will keep you apprised of  all developments in your case and is happy to be your guide to a  successful resolution of your charges. He has been successful in having charges dismissed or reduced, vindicated at trial, and resolved without substantial custody time or fines.

Choosing a  criminal defense attorney is one of the most important and stressful  decisions you may be forced to make. Daniel Grow understands the dynamic nature of  your situation and how to move forward in a manner that maximizes your assets, liberty and good name. Put Grow Defense in your corner when no one else will fight for you.

Free initial consultations are available if you are facing criminal charges. Whether over the phone, in custody or at our office in Saint Joseph, take advantage the experience and knowledge of Grow Defense before you lose your liberty.