Have marijuana criminal charges been brought against you? Has your property been seized? Are you a participant in Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Program, and your rights are not being respected? Are you being prosecuted for your medical use of marihuana, even if you are not a cardholder?


If so, you need a loyal confidant and fearless litigator on your side. Daniel W. Grow has never prosecuted anyone for anything, and has a thorough understanding of cannabis and the science supporting its medical use. Daniel Grow has been on the leading edge of marihuana litigation since the adoption of Michigan’s medical act, has extensive knowledge relating to the laws governing its use, and has secured jury verdicts and dismissals in favor of his clients in medical marihuana matters.


Grow Defense fully understands the personal crisis you are facing, and we understand the penalties you are facing if you are convicted. Daniel Grow is a tireless crusader for your right to medical use. Even if you are merely a recreational user, you want Daniel Grow on your side.


If you were doubly victimized by asset forfeiture as a result of your arrest, contact us right away. Grow Defense will work hard to protect your rights.